Transform Your ATS with RecruitAI

Upgrade your hiring game with RecruitAI. Our plug-and-play one click solution breathes new life into your current ATS, automating and enhancing every step of the recruitment process. Say goodbye to manual CV screening and welcome a new era of AI recuirtment.


AI CV Screening and Ranking

RecruitAI equips you with AI-driven recruitment technology that simplifies your hiring process. Our platform features advanced AI for CV screening, intelligent resume analysis, and precise candidate ranking. This allows us to meticulously read, comprehend, and assess each CV, organizing them from the most to the least suitable based on your specific job criteria.

Experience the efficiency of our system as it transforms the recruitment process, placing the most qualified candidates at your fingertips instantly. With RecruitAI, you're not just filling positions; you're discovering top talent effortlessly.

Promoting Fair Hiring with CV Anonymization

At RecruitAI, we champion a fair and unbiased hiring process by focusing on what truly matters: skills and qualifications. Our sophisticated approach to CV anonymization meticulously conceals identifiers like names, ages, or genders, ensuring every candidate stands on the merit of their abilities alone.

This deliberate emphasis on competencies over personal details is pivotal in removing unconscious bias, enabling your organization to attract and retain the finest talent. With RecruitAI, embrace a more equitable recruitment landscape where excellence is the sole criterion for selection.


Understand the Why Behind Each Hire

RecruitAI does more than just review CVs. We also tell you why a candidate might be the right fit for your team. Our AI looks at each application closely, giving you a summary and clear reasons for its suggestions.

This way, you can trust our AI's choices more, knowing exactly why it picked a particular candidate. With RecruitAI, you're not just finding out who to hire, but also why they stand out, making hiring as straightforward as possible.

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GDPR Ready

Your personal data safety is important to us. That is why we regularly audit RecruitAI to ensure that we comply with GDPR for full transparency in trust with our customers.